Lucky Skull Black Multi Color Shaballa Bracelet Small

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Erwin Pearl's Shamballa Adjustable Skull Charm Bracelets have specially crafted skulls made of hematite silver, bronze and gold tones. The eyes in the skulls are also hand-painted, which makes them haunting and beautiful all at once. Each charm is 5/8 inches long - just the right length so that they fit comfortably on your hand. The small bracelet is 7/5 inches long and the large one is nine inches long, so they'll fit any size wrist. The clasp is adjustable in length as well. Enjoy this comfortable and fashionable bracelet by ordering yours from Erwin Pearl today. If you like this style, be sure to also check out the Lucky Skull Stretch Bracelet, Silvertone Small Lucky Skull Black Bracelet and the Small Lucky Skull Shamballa Bracelet.